Noxious weeds

Lantana (Lantana camara): Lantana camera is a perennial, invasive, non-native imported weed.

Cyperus rotundus Cyperus rotundus is a perennial, deep-rooted monocot weed. Occurs everywhere, in all seasons and in all crops, although there is less growth in winter.

Eichhornia crassipes: Eichhornia crassipes is aquatic plants that grow and float in water. – 10-20 cm broad leaves float in water

Sorghum halepense: – It is a perennial grass up to 2 meters tall. It is produced by vegetative roots and seeds. – Its roots can go as deep as 3 meters into the soil, although usually 30-35 cm in depth.

Cynodon dactylon Cynodon dactylon is a perennial, shallow-rooted, monocotyledonous weed. – Occurs in all places, in all seasons and in all crops.

Parthenium hysterophorus: – Carrot grass is a dicotyledonous weed insensitive to rainfall, light and temperature. – It is mainly produced by seeds. A single plant produces 5,000 to 10,000 seeds.