Mango Farming

Land: Mango can be cultivated in different types of soil. Sandy loam, well-drained soil up to two meters deep, and a low water table are suitable.

Weather: Mango can be cultivated in hot and temperate regions. Rain from June to September and then dry weather without moisture till February is very suitable/beneficial during flowering and fruit set in mango.

Method of propagation: Mango can be propagated by cuttings as well as by grafting.

Planting distance: In fertile and well-drained soils, where there is a vigorous variety like Rajapuri, it is imperative to plant mango at a suitable distance of 10 × 10 meters

Fertilizer Management: Fertilize the grafted tree as per below. Farm Yard Manure, half nitrogen fertilizer and full phosphorus and potash fertilizers should be given in June before the onset of monsoon. The remaining half installment of nitrogen fertilizer should be given in the month of February. Where there is no irrigation facility, all fertilizers should be applied in May-June before monsoon rains. Make a deep round pit of 30 to 35 cm wide below the canopy of the tree and 20 to 30 cm deep add fertilizer to it, fill the pit with soil.

Irrigation Management: A fruiting mango crop requires a dry period of 2-3 months before flowering. At the end of the monsoon, give two water at an interval of 20 to 25 days after the fruits are as big as peas. Watering at this stage will prevent fruit drop, increase fruit size and weight and improve quality.

FRUIT PICKING: Picking the fruit according to the type of ripeness. Varieties like Pyri and Sundari are ready in the last week of April to first week of May, Rajapuri, Afus Kesar in the second to fourth week of May,

FRUIT RIPENING: 25-30°C is the best temperature for mangoes ripening. If such conditions are created, the quality of the fruit is always excellent. First paddy straw is spread on the ground, then mangoes and 4 layers of straw are placed on it, afterward an old cloth mat is placed on it and the mangoes are allowed to ripen in the straw for 4-6 days.

Yield: A mature tree produces an average of 80 to 100 kg of mangoes. A properly spread tree under good care yields more than 200 kg of mangoes. Nursery produces 10 to 15 tons of mangoes per hectare.