Agriculture Implements

 Land Leveler

– This tool is used to level the soil so that irrigation water is evenly spread over the soil for as long as the crop remains in the field, and thus to increase production capacity.

Sub Soiler: – Its beam, which is made of high carbon steel, has a beam support that is attached to the upper and lower edges for insulation, a polo steel adapter is welded to the bottom end of the beam to form a sear base.



Combine Harvestor

Combine harvester – Different types of combine harvesters have cutter bars 2 to 6 meters long. Its function is cutting and threshing.

Agricultural implements are essential tools used in various agricultural operations, from sowing to harvesting crops. The right use of these implements can increase crop yield, strengthen farmers, and the country’s economy.

The Self Propelled Vertical Conveyor Reaper is a combination of crop separation, star circle, cutting blade, and conveyor layer, suitable for wheat and rice.

An Agricultural Implements are those implements which are used in various Agricultural operations from sowing to harvesting of the crops. Techical and right use of these implements can increase the crop yield, which strengthen farmers and country’s economy.